Portuguese Water Dogs are a great pet.

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Portuguese Water Dogs make a good family pet. They are great for anyone who is active and loves spending time with the dog. Portuguese water dogs are great for anyone who likes to be outdoors. This includes long walks in the fresh air, as well as running or participating in other sports. They are a breed of very active dogs with an appropriate name. Even though the breed enjoys living with its owner and can adapt well to it, the breed will be happier if it has daily access of water. You can get the best Portuguese Water dog Puppies for sale in this sites.

Portuguese Water Dogs no longer have to perform fishing tasks due the new technologies. There is no need for the dog to fetch lost items, or send messages between shore and boats. It is now a popular companion breed and requires a large amount of care and time from the owner. Water is still a favorite activity for the dog and he will love living near water.

Portuguese Water Dogs were bred with an affinity for water. It is part of their heritage. Over 500 years old, the water dog breed arrived on Iberia Peninsula and became well known. Portugal is a fisherman’s nation and the dogs are used in boats by fishermen. To retrieve dropped gear or fish, the dogs would dive deeply into the ocean and follow the commands. Even today these characteristics remain strong in the dogs.

As the breed is of watery origins, it has a strong desire to be close to and in water. An owner should be prepared for a lively game of retrieve in the water. A favorite dog activity is to bring the pup to a beach, lake or ocean and have them throw the stick into the water. The dog runs, jumps into the sea and gets the stick. It brings it back and is happy to wait until the stick is thrown repeatedly.

Portuguese Water Dogs do not have to access water everyday, however, they love being near it. This dog is a good performer when it’s properly trained and regularly exercised. Portuguese Water Dogs will excel in any competitive sport. You can train the breed easily using firm discipline, while still being gentle. A great way to strengthen your bond with the Portuguese Water dog, is to teach them. They will get plenty of exercise and you can enjoy a wonderful time together. While a Portuguese Water Dog will not appeal to all families or lifestyles, those that enjoy watersports may find the breed ideal.

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