Trading Psychology: Make Millions

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What are the characteristics of an F1 racing champ? It’s the car. Does it have to do with the engine? Drivers are the real champions. Drivers who have the patience and confidence to navigate around difficult corners are champions. In option and stock trading it is also the trader’s skill that can make or break the deal. A champion trader at is one who has confidence in his or her chosen trading method and shows patience even when prices are changing dramatically.

The two most important factors in trading psychology, Trading Confidence and Trade Discipline, are what makes you a millionaire options or stock trader. They are also the reasons that so many stock and option investors fail and lose their savings.

Investing Confidence

Trading confidence can be compared to a bank account of mental security for every trader. The discipline you use in trading will dictate whether or not it is used. Trading Confidence is the key to enabling stock and options investors to trade confidently according to their preferred methodology and continue to play despite losing bets, as they are sure that there will ultimately be more winnings than losses. Trading confidence is an account you can use to either withdraw or deposit funds. Every time you lose, you take money out of your trading confidence, and every time you gain money, deposit it. Trading confidence that is zero, or worse yet bankrupt will make you hesitate and imagine the consequences if a trade fails. The fear of losing money will keep you awake at night. You’ll make rash decisions and lose sleep. This is when you need to go over your trading methods and make sure they are still working. Your trading confidence does not need to become bankrupt to lead to an account insolvency. If you want to feel more confident about your trades when things go wrong, then you should deposit money into your trading bank every time that you succeed with the chosen method.

Factors Influencing trading Confidence

How much and what kind of money do you have available to trade is a major factor in determining your trading confidence. More money that you can lose will increase your trading confidence. Traders of stocks and options who cannot afford to risk much money have lower levels of trading conviction. This is because each loss will take away a substantial amount from their trading bank. To lose confidence in your trading, it is not necessary for you to lose the entire amount of money. Some stock traders and options brokers lose their confidence to trade as soon as their account goes down 30%. However, others only reach their level of insolvency when the account has gone down 70%. Your initial trading confidence will be determined by your money. When you have excess funds that you don’t really need to trade, your level of confidence in trading will be extremely high. You can still have a high level of trading confidence even if all your money is lost. Your trading confidence could be very low, however, if the money you borrowed is something you’ll have to return in interest and installments.

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