Why should you invest in physical gold or silver through a self directed IRA?

Sunday , 26, March 2023 Leave a comment

Investment in physical silver and gold has always been a controversial topic of conversation in trading and investment circles. I can guarantee that you will find both supporters and opponents of investing physical precious metals. Each side has their beliefs and core beliefs which they believe are the best. This is a healthy conversation, as investors need both perspectives to determine the best investment strategy. You can see Patriot Gold Group for more information.

My view? My position? History has taught me that the economic crisis comes in the most unexpected of times. It is essential to diversify in such times… This I have found the hard way.

A few of the many benefits that come with investing in physical Gold and Silver

* You can preserve your purchasing power if inflation rises.

* Protects against the Government’s money printing presses. Our country manages our national debt by printing additional money to pay down the debt. The answer to a debt crisis is not by creating more debt. Who is going to pay that price? You probably don’t own any physical gold and/or silver.

* It can help you protect yourself against major banking crises if they were to occur.

* Protect your savings against currency devaluations (U.S. Dollar).

* Gold isn’t just about preserving money. It can also help you build wealth. The S&P 500, real property, and currencies have outperformed gold since 1971.

* Despite what people may believe, gold or silver is very liquid when compared to many other types of investments.

* Physical gold and physical silver are tangible investments. How safe is wealth if it’s tied up in things you can’t even see?

* Silver and Gold will NEVER be worth zero

* Although supply is decreasing, there’s an increasing global demand

* If you buy an IRA, the appreciation value grows without tax.

* Gold investing is the secret weapon of the super-rich. The world’s richest families currently have gold in their possession. Why wouldn’t you want to? It is possible through an IRA.

These are only a few reasons that I invest physical gold and/or silver. My self-directed IRA is the best way to do it. Why a self-directed IRA, you ask? It’s easy, simple, and you can invest in it just like a regular IRA.

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